Best Served Cold - Revenge in a white wine sauce.

You work as a chef in one of the busiest Taverns in the land, situated on the major crossroads between the capitol city, ports, farmland and military barracks, you see thousands of travellers per day.

This game takes the basic Food & Serve gameplay and adds a little more spice.

Namely that you are not only a masterful cook, you still take the occasional jobs from your previous employer, an assassins guild. Looking to retire you agree to complete 5 such jobs and you will earn enough to retire, or at least buy your own tavern.

Using your skills you will need to fulfil customer orders while keeping an eye out for your target who will need "extra" seasoning. 

Didn't serve the target due to customers queuing?
Forgot the poison?
Poisoned the wrong person?

These will all lead to failure and you having to disappear or be disappeared.

StatusIn development
Made withLÖVE
TagsFood, LÖVE, weeksauce
Average sessionA few minutes

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